Is it Real or the American Version?

One of the most important things in people’s everyday lives as we require it for day-to-day activities is food. Whether healthy or unhealthy, there are foods of all types for the very different tastes of people around the world. One day while drinking coffee and chatting, a friend of Lisa’s from Japan asked her if she had been to the popular restaurant in Florence called Rice Box. With a grossed out expression on her face, she explained that she had, but it was not real. I had heard a lot about Rice Box and everyone I knew seemed to like it. Confused, I looked at her and asked “What do you mean it isn’t real?” She went on to inform me that because Americans have a certain taste and like things sweeter, foods from around the world had been “Americanized.” Ali, who I learned is a very healthy eater, agreed and said how he missed the dishes in Arabia, but did enjoy American food. With that, I asked the both of them what their favorite food was from back home and their favorite from here. They both thought my attempt to pronounce these was hilarious.

Ali’s favorite dish from Arabia is called Kabasah which is lamb, mixed peppers, Kabasah peppers, and onions mixed with rice. The American version replaces the lamb with chicken. His favorite American food however, is hamburgers.

This is Kabasah:


Lisa’s favorite from China is called dumpings which are pieces of dough wrapped around a filling that usually consists of some kind of pork and then boiled, steamed, or fried. Her favorite American foods are Potato Salad and sandwiches.


Ali told Lisa and I that he can cook and plans to cook something for us one day soon. I bet it’s going to be delicious.

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